DNA in the Bible

by The Bible Code

Is there a numbers code within the King James Bible? Was it placed there by the authors, or is this evidence of the hand of God? The Bible Code is a podcast covering the numbers God uses in the Bible to support doctrine found in the pages of scripture. You will discover a book most dismiss as archaic is the most advanced book ever to be written.

Podcast episodes

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  • The Biblical Meaning of the Number 14

    The Biblical Meaning of the Number 14

    are specific numbers in the King James Bible, chosen by God and used detailed and precise. Each number is defined and utilized methodically to teach and support the Word of God. We serve an orderly God who governs the universe and this world with precision and accuracy. Should we not expect His word to follow the same guidelines? Using computers, we can see how unique the Word of God is. Not only that, but we can see that the King James Bible stands out from all other versions because only in this Bible can such a study be done. I hope you will see in this lesson and all the number lessons I do is the consistency in which God uses numbers. By this consistency, we can see His hand in preserving His Word. Let us begin our study now of the number fourteen.

  • The Biblical Meaning of the Number 21

    The Biblical Meaning of the Number 21

    What is the Biblical meaning of the number 21? This number has the highest hits on the blog www.DNAintheBible.com. A number defined in the King James Bible for Exceeding sinfulness of sin. Many of you have check this number out because we are currently living in the year 2021, and with all the world events, you are looking for guidance or maybe a clue what the remainder of this crazy year might bring. One thing I want to remind you, no matter how crazy this world gets, there is one who is still on the throne guiding the world events, and that man is Jesus Christ. All the world events are coming together just like the book of Revelation predicted.

  • How Does Charity Relate to the Number 13?

    How Does Charity Relate to the Number 13?

    Hello and welcome to the Bible Code. Today we will finish up the number thirteen. Our focus will be on charity and spiritual warfare. Today's lesson will be the seventh part in our series on the number thirteen, completing our study of this incredible number associated with evil and rebellion. Thirteen is one of the more extensive number studies, containing over 35 pages of notes. Yet, through this fascinating study, we learned that a Bible Code supports the Scriptures that point out that Jesus Christ is made to be sin for us who knew no sin, 2 Corinthians 5:21. Another way of saying it in Bible Code language is Jesus became the number thirteen. Taking upon himself our depravity and rebellion.

  • Jesus as the Serpent on the pole, Part 3

    Jesus as the Serpent on the pole, Part 3

    Second Corinthians 5 verse 21 mentions Jesus Christ was made to be sin for us. We have learned the number 13 is defined for depravity and rebellion. Join us as we finish up our study regarding Jesus Christ becoming the number 13, represented by the fiery serpent lifted up on the pole by Moses in Numbers 21.

  • Jesus as the Serpent on the pole, Part 2

    Jesus as the Serpent on the pole, Part 2

    We will continue to look over how the number 13 and how Jesus Christ became sin, or another way of saying it, the attributes of the number 13, to save mankind for the dreaded fate of eternity in hell. Join us today on this in-depth look into 13 and redemption.