Navigating Uncertainty with Sally Anderson and Rahim Gulamali

Published: Feb 05 2021

S1/EP1. NEW EPISODE - NAVIGATING UNCERTAINTY with Sally Anderson - Leadership Coach To The Influencers and Rahim Gulamali.

Uncertainty can be difficult, especially when it continues over a longer-term. Did you know that:▶️60% of employees do not talk about mental health in the workplace▶️69% of leaders found it THE MOST challenging experience of their career▶️62% of leaders putting people into furlough▶️52% at times doubting their ability to lead▶️58% found leading virtually challenging▶️56% responded that the pandemic has harmed their mental health▶️74% believe this experience has had them question their own leadership style.

This week we talk about the challenges, give insights in how to identify them within yourself and your team, and highlight some great solutions for you to overcome and empower!

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