Discomfort Zone

by Amrutha Vudathu

You normally hear people say 'sit back and relax' but we say, step into your discomfort zone. On this podcast, we will discuss controversial topics, pressing matters and ideas which many disagree on, ranging from the current hot topics to ideas dating back to thousands of years ago. If you enjoy challenging or learning more about beliefs, tune in for regular discussions between a diverse panel of young co-hosts with various gue ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Crossing the border

    Crossing the border

    Immigration: one of the most controversial topics in British politics right now. From the Brexit vote in 2016 to Priti Patel’s policies and the new points-based immigration system - are immigrants really the reason for our troubles? In this episode, Dana tells us her story of her arrival in the UK as a child and how she overcame the struggles of having to adapt to a new language and lifestyle. We discuss cultural differences and give our insights on different British politicians’ stance on immigration, asking the ultimate question – are immigrants really stealing our jobs? Tune in to hear Dana and Asmaa join me in a conversation between three young women from different ethnic backgrounds as we talk immigration.

  • Hinduism - addressing the stereotypes

    Hinduism - addressing the stereotypes

    Hinduism is one of the largest world faiths, spanning over thousands of years and to this day impacting millions of people, yet also one of the most misinterpreted. Do Hindus worship cows? Do they follow 33 million Gods? Is it compatible with the Abrahamic faiths? Tune in to hear three young women from London discuss their Hindu upbringings, as Nitya and Davina join me to touch on various misinterpretations and Dharmic doctrines that are not so widely recognised!

  • Winston Churchill - hero or villain?

    Winston Churchill - hero or villain?

    Voted 'Greatest Briton', Winston Churchill is known globally for his political influence - but is his famous war leadership untainted by the moral crimes committed under his premiership? Tune in to hear contrasting perspectives, as Asmaa and I delve into details which are often brushed away, including relatively unknown policies of his passed during the British Raj. The question remains...can we truly label Churchill a hero?