Die Trying: The Hissing Mists: An Actual Play Podcast

by Jason

Over a millennium ago, the land of Nordancrest was taken by darkness. Creatures made from the essence of nightmares began to flood the country, terrorizing the populace. The standing military was wiped out and the city was abandoned to horrendous monsters. The only occupied towns now exist on the furthest edges of the once-peaceful realm. A single event draws a collection of tragic individuals together to struggle against ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Nordancrest: The Hissing Mists: Episode 1

    Nordancrest: The Hissing Mists: Episode 1

    Our first episode of the new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Nordancrest The Hissing MistsDm: JaceLuna Finnscale: CamEverly Ayers: AngieMadcap Jack: LoganRuby A'Lexia: BeckyTherein Varkaris: BrandonTornog Gorlog: Jess