E01 - Guided Meditation: Self-Care

Destiny Architecture Weekly Meditation (Exclusive for Subscribers) by Heather Larson
Guided Meditation: Self-CareThis is the very first meditation for subscribers. Let's begin because it's 5:00 somewhere and time for self-care!Listen as meditation teacher Heather Larson takes you through a ten-minute meditation on self-care. In this meditation, you'll become the observer of yourself and what's around you. You'll honor you  ...  See more
Feb 12 2023

Happy Friday.
Five o'clock somewhere, time for self-care.
Today, since this is the first Destiny Architecture meditation for subscribers,
we're going to go with my original intention,
which is to make meditation easy for busy people,
whether you're doing this at five o'clock on Friday,
or on your Saturday, or on your Sunday.
We're going to start with the intention of honoring and respecting yourself,
the rewards for choosing self-care.
Begin by sitting in a comfortable seat.
Place your hands on your lap,
lean back in a chair,
lay down in your bed,
whatever feels right for you.
Once you're comfortable,
take a deep breath in through your nose, slow.
Hold it for just a second and exhale through your nose,
slowly, gently, respecting your breath,
setting the intention for this meditation practi

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