Interior Design, Decorating With a Sprinkle of Feng Shui

by rania yacoub

Design Expert and Design award winner Rania shares her expertise on how to be in love with your space! 
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  • Season 1

  • S01 E01 - Tips for setting up your home office

    S01 E01 - Tips for setting up your home office

    There is a right way to set up your home office! Listen as design expert and award winning designer Rania goes through home office MUST HAVES including color schemes and proper furniture.

    Apr 14 2020
    Apr 14 2020
  • Home Office Design Tips

    Home Office Design Tips

    Working from home can be challenging! Here's a few tips that you can use right away to transform your work space. Share with your friend who needs an updated home office.

    Oct 16 2020
    Oct 16 2020
  • 2020 Interior Design Trends

    2020 Interior Design Trends

    Here are the top 3 trends that we're seeing in interior design this year! We can get your space updated to the times and functional for your family.

    Oct 09 2020
    Oct 09 2020
  • Coastal Chic Must Have's!

    Coastal Chic Must Have's!

    "Coastal Chic" is a term to describe the look of this beautiful home! This is a second house for a family living in Wisconsin. Want a coastal chic home? Apply these tips and check out design packages at our website at designsbyran...

    Oct 02 2020
    Oct 02 2020
  • Commercial Interior Design

    Commercial Interior Design

    We had the pleasure of working with Master Restoration to design their office space after moving to a larger location. Open work spaces are trending for a good reason: increased productivity and performance! Looking to transform y...

    Sep 25 2020
    Sep 25 2020