Episode 20 - The Groove Merchants

Published: Oct 09 2019

Dude Check This Out: A Music Podcast

Episode 20 - The Groove Merchants

Since 2012, The Groove Merchants have been pushing their sound forward. Fueled with howling vocals from frontman Tye Vallone, driven by Luke Ferracone’s guitar work, and insured through focused horn sounds and a hustling backbeat from bassist John Evin Groome and Peter Snyder on drums, the band twists in elements of blues, funk and soul resulting in a revival of authentic performance. Celebrate what happens when The Groove Merchants control the room. With each effort, the band strives to create an energy that lies inside intimate clubs and transcends past large stages. Once The Groove Merchants show up, expect relentless, soulful energy and a belief in connecting beyond music.