Premium Subscribers Only, Exclusive For Essential Vibe Select - Released (March 2021) Last Month

Published: Apr 24 2021

Hi everyone, Here is my exclusive Monthly Select Subscriber's mix for March 2021, and it's in the can! I'm now sharing this mix as we are about to go into April's mix 1month after this release but you can only get to hear it if your an exclusive Mixcloud subscriber All the tracks played are exclusives and have NOT been played on the essential vibe show in the order you'll hear them on the mix and... exclusive mixes are completely voiceless for just over 1 hour, So get to here the exclusive Promo's and latest tracks before the LIVE Radio show and support the artists that make these tracks, Sign up now at for only £5.00 a month. Please enjoy


1 Yang, J.Puchler & Linney - Lifeline (The WLT Extended Remix) [INHARMONY MUSIC]

2 BiXX - The High Road (Uplift Recordings) Extended

3, W!SS - Rise Again (Extended Mix) [ABLAZING RECORDS]

4 Dave Steward - The Form (Extended Mix) [REDUX RECORDINGS]

5 Factor B & Arielle Maren - Connected (12'' Extended Mix) [THEATRE OF THE MIND MUSIC]

6 FG Noise - Crusader (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

7Jody 6 - Drops (Extended Mix) [HIGH VOLTAGE RECORDINGS]

8 Misja Helsloot - Jumping Rope (Extended Mix) [GROTESQUE MUSIC]

9 Terra V. - Space & Time (Original Mix) [AURAL SONIC 138]

10 Nomosk & Cari - Don't Hold Back (Corrado Baggieri Remix) [SUANDA VOICE]

11 Lost Witness feat. Milos Novotny - Rescue Me (Extended Mix) [EDGE ONE]

12 Talla 2XLC & Allen Watts - Suburbia (Extended Mix) [WHO'S AFRAID OF 138!]

13 Amir Farhoodi & Hypersia - Dreamland (Extended Mix) [INTERPLAY GLOBAL]