Mr Gee's Happy New Year 2021 | Essential Vibe Show 80

Published: Jan 02 2021

Happy New Year everyone we finally said goodbye to the end of the year, It was time to say goodbye to an awful year that was 2020 😷 In a masked up world.

As we walk into a fresh new start celebrating what was old and what is new we turn another page of the essential vibe show into January 2021 so let's make it another good one, 4 hours of the best hype uplifting tunes to enjoy and the highest quality available.

If you're not one of my exclusive subscribers Sign up now for only £5.00 p/m which helps burden the cost of buying all the Brand new tracks I bring you for every show including early Promos, for a full-on Uplifting 2 hour radio show.

This fee also supports the artists and production of the show so I Thank you from the heart it's appreciated and really does make a difference