Chronic Fatigue as a response to perceived danger. W/ Dan Buglio - Pain Free You

Healing Differently by CFS Healing

Episode notes

It was an honor to connect with Dan Buglio from Pain Free You. Dan has adapted Sarno's work slightly into the concept of the brain protecting you with symptoms due to perceived danger. he has helped hundreds if not thousands with chronic symptoms such as fatigue or pain.

00:00 Intro

03:45 Whe the brain perceives danger, symptoms are the result

08:22 How and why symptoms can intensify

11:02 Dialing down the fear and consistent messages of safety

13:38 The more focus you put on the symptoms, the worse they become

16:26 Stop trying to figure it out. Sometimes energy and sometimes not?

18:49 Your brain and your nervous system is working perfectly. don't wait for science or supplements to fix you.

21:40 The physical component of ME/CFS

24:20 Drop the labels, because the label affirms the brain's pe ... 

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