The Experience of Jessica Noble at the CX World Games 2024

THE CX GOALKEEPER - Transformation, Customer Experience, and Leadership Goals by Gregorio Uglioni

Episode notes

The CX Goalkeeper Podcast joins the Customer Experience World Games 2024. I have the incredible honor of interviewing captains, vice-captains, judges, and friends of the CXWG 2024.

These are short interviews to share outstanding people's experiences helping charities get better.

Customer Experience professionals worldwide come together to share their experience insights and help others.

The CX World Games take place over 3-4 weeks, with expert CX captains guiding randomly created teams to come up with the best solutions to challenges set by the organizers. Players contribute whatever time they have. It only takes a minute to come up with a brilliant idea.

These challenges are real life, proposed by charities and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that need help to improve their donor, volunteer, or beneficiary experienc ... 

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