Waco Siege Pt IV: Apocalypse #79

Con Men Podcast by Sean Anchondo

Episode notes

This is the fourth and final part of the Waco Siege series. April 19, 1993, after a 50-day stand off between the Branch Davidian's and the ATF, the FBI and the United States Government decided that they needed to end the conflict. The FBI showed up to the compound with armored trucks and CS gas and a lot of artillery. This led to the compound burning down and the deaths of dozens of Branch Davidian's many of whom were women and children.The documentary that we discussed in the episode is called WACO The Rules of Engagement https://youtu.be/VlN0kYoPHIUThank you for checking out our show! If you like the show please spread the word, leave us 5 stars on iTunes, subscribe to our Rumble channel.-------------------------------Follow us:Instagram @Con_Men_Podcast,Twitter- @Conmenpodcast1 ... 

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