Waco Siege pt III: The Feds Arrive #78

Con Men Podcast by Sean Anchondo

Episode notes
The ATF descended on Mount Carmel and Branch Davidian's on February 28, 1993. They were there to arrest David Koresh and some of his followers because of what they said was illegal purchases on firearms. This led to one of the bloodiest siege's in American history. The ATF used a lot of controversial tactics including the use of psychological warfare and CS Gas poisoning.This is the third installment out of four of the "Waco Siege" series. Thank you for checking out our show! If you like the show please spread the word, leave us 5 stars on iTunes, subscribe to our Rumble channel.-------------------Follow us:Instagram @Con_Men_Podcast,Twitter- @Conmenpodcast1email- conmenpod@gmail.com-------------------Full video episode is on Rumble here  ...  Read more
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