Top RANK Culture Anniversary Episode

Breaking Barriers: The DEI&B Podcast | Top RANK by Top RANK Talent Solutions

Episode notes

Happy 5 year anniversary to Top RANK! We are so glad to be helping all of the organizations and communities we have had the opportunity to collaborate with on advancing DEI&B, and we look forward to continuing the journey. WOW has the world changed since 2018! What has happened?

Why are we in so much turmoil in America and globally?

Are we being honest about what we see?

Are we seeking to understand the truth?

Are we willing to talk about it? So many questions, so many answers needed. However, we believe one thing is for certain: that real talk about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is at the root of every answer. So in true Top RANK fashion, we go there.

In this episode:We delve into the challenges of discussing politics and social issues, acknowledging the generational divide and defensive mental ... 

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