S01 E12 - Changing Business, Ending The Performance of DEI&B

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In this episode of Breaking Barriers, co-hosts Anthony Arrington and Nick Ford welcomes Heather Schott, the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Krause Group, the parent company for a diverse set of businesses that include convenience retail, logistics, Italian wineries, and hospitality, real estate, agriculture, and soccer clu  ...  See more
May 16 2023

I always remember that marketing like who came up with the idea might have been a pure good internal
employee resource group idea that the company went somewhere else with yeah, so
Yeah, we shouldn't market off of off of any of the groups and unless we're marketing and giving it back
To your point it was the marketing person and and I know I know
This frustrates Nick and I because I and I know it really frustrates Nick trust me
Yeah, but I understand where he's coming from and I know part of but he we do realize that there's intent versus impact, right?
Hey, it's breaking barriers the diversity equity inclusion and belonging podcast. We're here for real talk
We're not afraid to go there and we want you to come away emboldened and energized to take action and make change
We believe our dive

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