S01 E09 - The “Black and White” Rule | Navy's lack of diversity is hurting the country's progress

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Anthony Arrington, Nick Ford, and Joy Briscoe discuss how to approach race-related issues in the workplace.Joy passionately urges listeners to stay vigilant and be attuned to the subtle behaviors that could indicate discriminatory treatment. She empowers her audience to take action and be the catalyst for change. Two distinguished Navy ve  ...  See more
Apr 06 2023

Typically that would involve me going up
and knocking somebody on the forehead and say,
hey, we're having a problem.
I need to figure out what the problem is.
Let's sit down and have a discussion.
You tell me what the problem is
and I'll see what I can do to fix it.
And if I'm not the problem,
then we need to address your behavior
because people will deny that it's race-based,
but when you can show them
that they're treating you differently
than they are someone else,
sometimes it's very subtle, tone of voice,
mannerisms, et cetera.
And sometimes it's very blatant.
And a lot of times people will use humor
to try to disguise.
Hey, it's Breaking Barriers,
the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging podcast.
We're here for real talk.
We're not afraid to go there.
And we want you to come a

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