S01 E07 - Balancing Work, Wellness, and Womanhood with Diversity

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In this episode, our guest is Desiree Coleman Fry, an accomplished executive who helps moms balance work, wellness, and womanhood. She is a recipient of the 2022 DNI Champion Award and 2019 Rising Star and DNI Award and has been featured in prominent media outlets like the New York Times, Business Insider, and PBS.During our conversation,  ...  See more
Mar 13 2023

Ball and that being the most important thing in a given season, in a given time of life. And that is the thing that cannot fall right? And that glass ball can change from season to season. So in one season it may be super important that you focus on family. And so that is the thing where maybe work takes more of a backseat, maybe you know, your personal hobbies take more of a backseat.

And it is like all hands on deck for. And another season work may be The Glass Ball. Hey, it's Breaking Barriers, the Diversity, equity, inclusion and Belonging podcast. We're here for real talk. We're not afraid to go there, and we want you to come away embolden and energized to take action and make change.

We believe our diversity, our difference is when joined together by a common set of ideals. Makes u

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