S01 E05 - Going Beyond Lip Service, Anti-Racism To Create Equity in the Workplace

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You feel you're being taken advantage of or feel like you're being exploited."I'm sick of racism, and when I read other people's experiences, I simply become enraged."Why is it that people are now able to see why there is so much anger?We bring to you the story of Sharon Hurley-Hall, who has been writing about racism for years, but it was  ...  See more
Feb 06 2023

[00:00:00] do your learning. Do your self reflection, take action. It takes all of us. It's gonna take all of us to keep up the pressure, to make change, to fight racism, to eliminate racism, to get to a place of equality. So we can't relax, right? We can't be tired. . We can't be too tired or it can't be too hard or too overwhelming.

You know, you can have your moments, you can go away and rest, but come back. Yes. To the fight. Yeah. And take action. Hey, it's Breaking Barriers, the Diversity, equity, inclusion and Belonging podcast. We're here for real talk. We're not afraid to go there, and we want you to come away embolden and energized to take action and make change.

We believe our diversity, our difference is when joined together by a common set of ideals. Makes us stronger when I

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