S01 - Breaking Barriers DEI&B Podcast: Measuring DEI&B| Chris Armstrong and Vince Brantley

Breaking Barriers: The DEI&B Podcast | Top RANK by Top RANK Talent Solutions
The founders of Veritas Culture Chris Armstrong and Vince Brantly share their knowledge on the challenges of measuring DEI&B. "We acknowledge it's difficult to measure but what's hard to ignore is what we call collective and representative regard." -Chris ArmstrongThis podcast is Presented by Kirkwood Community College and Hosted by Top R  ...  See more
Nov 16 2022

We acknowledge is difficult to measure. But what's hard to ignore is what we call collective and Representative regard Vince over to you,

collective and representative group.

It's hard to, it's hard to turn your back on a turn and look away from input that's been received in that resonates amongst the collective majority of your workforce.

It's also hard to unsee when certain demographics feel a way that no one else observes, can associate with or can be empathetic to.

So those types of things stand out, above all, and once they're exposed, it's hard to get the genie back in the bottle, which is why chains become so required. And so it's truly imperative at that point.

So, and I know one thing we have in common is from military and Department, defense organizations, they're very da

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