hu u noExplicit

by Dmitry Samarov

interviews/art talk/Russian poems from painter/writer Dmitry Samarov ——theme music by Bill MacKay ——a new one most Wednesdays. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E11 - Kathleen Rooney

    S02 E11 - Kathleen Rooney

    A talk with Chicago writer Kathleen Rooney. We discuss teaching, competing generations, and our bizarre cultural moment. Learn more about Rooney at her site:, the press she co-runs: https://rosemetalpres...

  • S02 E10 - Rick Rizzo

    S02 E10 - Rick Rizzo

    A talk with Rick Rizzo of Eleventh Dream Day about his music career, teaching, working for AC Nielson, collecting records, and a whole lot more. Buy Eleventh Dream Day albums on Bandcamp and follow them on Instagram.Theme music by...

  • S02 E09 - Kat Sachs

    S02 E09 - Kat Sachs

    A talk with film writer Kat Sachs. We discuss how her love of cinema was born at drive-ins in Ohio, auteur theory, our odd cultural moment, and more. Learn more about Sachs at Cinefile and the Chicago Reader. Read her great essay ...

  • S02 E08 - Emmett Kelly

    S02 E08 - Emmett Kelly

    A talk with musician Emmett Kelly about Chicago, LA, art, the state of the recording industry, and much more.Kelly's cassette label:; his old band, the Cairo Gang: ; Kelly...

  • S02 E07 - Gil Roth

    S02 E07 - Gil Roth

    I talk to podcaster, pharma trade guru, and novice artist Gil Roth about podcasting, his day job, getting into visual art at 50 and more. Listen to Gil's great Virtual Memories show: and see a bunch of...