Be the change.

by Lily Mott

Are you in need of a little inspiration? Well, you've come to the right place. Young people are being the change they want to see in the world, and these are their stories. Will you join them? For more information, check out @bethechangepodcast on Instagram or email 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E126 - Santiago Eulmesekian

    S01 E126 - Santiago Eulmesekian

    Change comes when you’re a dreamer. Santiago Eulmesekian is a climate change activist working with Jóvenes por el Clima in his home country of Argentina. For more information about Jóvenes por el Clima, visit: http://jovenesporelc...

  • S01 E125 - Gabriela Daza

    S01 E125 - Gabriela Daza

    Change comes when you work on solving a problem your younger self faced. Gabriela Daza is the director of partnerships at Policorner which is an organization working to make internships and jobs in politics, law, and public servic...

  • S01 E124 - Ideja Bajra

    S01 E124 - Ideja Bajra

    Change comes when you take the tiny steps of a ladder. Ideja Bajra is the founder of Based In Science which is an organization working to encourage more youth to pursue STEM-related careers. For more information about Based in Sci...

  • S01 E123 - Austen Wyche

    S01 E123 - Austen Wyche

    Change comes when you make your voice heard. Austen Wyche is the National Director of Advocacy at Encode Justice, a Courage Fellow for Giffords, and the founder of The Teen View. To get connected with Austen, find him on Instagram...

  • S01 E122 - Kalpana Arias

    S01 E122 - Kalpana Arias

    Change comes when you figure out what makes you joyful. Kalpana Arias is a climate activist and urban gardener based in the United Kingdom. To get connected with Kalpana, find her on Instagram at @ariasaleja.