Be the change.

by Lily Mott

Are you in need of a little inspiration? Well, you've come to the right place. Young people are being the change they want to see in the world, and these are their stories. Will you join them? For more information, check out @bethechangepodcast on Instagram or email 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E142 - Alexandra Hamilton

    S01 E142 - Alexandra Hamilton

    Change comes when you go out and do it. Alexandra Hamilton is the founder of Youth in Politics which is a youth-led, student-run organization that is focused on amplifying student voices in politics. To learn more about Youth in P...

  • S01 E141 - Kellyanna Brooking

    S01 E141 - Kellyanna Brooking

    Change comes when you never change your authenticity for approval. Kellyanna Brooking is the youngest ambassador for Turning Point USA, a political strategist, a youth campaign advisor, and the host of her own show. To get connect...

  • S01 E140 - Swetha Tandri

    S01 E140 - Swetha Tandri

    Change comes when you don’t force it. Swetha Tandri is the founder of Melodies for Math which is an organization focused on making math more relatable and engaging through music. For more information about Melodies for Math, visit...

  • S01 E139 - Gianella Bejar

    S01 E139 - Gianella Bejar

    Change comes when it is sustainable. Gianella Bejar is founder of EVE (Educate, Voice, Empower) which is an organization working to teach young people the power of presence and perspective, to create advocates for social equality,...

  • S01 E138 - Olivia Seltzer

    S01 E138 - Olivia Seltzer

    Change comes when we focus on moderation. Olivia Seltzer is the founder and sole writer of The Cramm which is a daily newsletter tailored to Gen Z readers to give them the scoop on current events. For more information about The Cr...