BBS Episode 2 with Loey Lane of Love AnyBody

Published: Aug 02 2019

In this episode, Beauty Business School host & founder Doreen Bloch chats with Youtube influencer and body positivity activist Loey Lane, founder of new brand Love AnyBody (

Loey talks about getting her start as a beauty and fashion guru online, and how she launched her brand, including:

  • Why self care products should be body positive
  • Creating products that resonate with the Youtube audience
  • Developing a brand with an agency
  • Leaving her mark on the brand’s packaging
  • Landing her dream retailer Target as the brand’s launch partner
  • Advice for entrepreneurs on working with influencers
  • Family as mentors and support system

“I paved that path for myself when I didn't necessarily know that it was there, and I cultivated an amazing audience around the very wholesome idea that you're just worthy in your own skin, and it's okay to love yourself, and it's okay to feel beautiful.” - Loey Lane