BBS Episode 3 with Léa Benkoski of SkinCeuticals

Published: Aug 28 2019

In this episode, Beauty Business School host & founder Doreen Bloch chats with Léa Benkoski,cosmetics chemist and Global Marketing Manager at SkinCeuticals.

Léa talks about academic background, how she got started in the beauty industry, and key lessons for beauty entrepreneurs, including:

  • Trending ingredients like Vitamin C or algae
  • Ingredient and product efficacy and safety studies
  • The reason luxury and mass products are priced differently
  • The emotional impact of scent and perfumery
  • Having a strong vision for your brand, and maintaining it as you scale your team
  • The feeling of approving the final formula for a product
  • Advice for how to add value to your team in any situation
  • How beauty creates an everyday impact on people

“Inspiration can come from everywhere. It's really important to keep an eye open on everything that's going on in any industry because that's where you can score something that's really innovative...” - Léa Benkoski