September 2023: Introducing the Manna Discovery

The BC Messenger by Steve and Jennifer Hall

Episode notes

On today's podcast the Manna discovery is publicly presented for the first time. Our lively discussion brings to light many aspects of the manna discovery which are found in the new book, Bread from Heaven: the Manna Mystery Solved.

The physical substance of manna, described in the ancient Old Testament, caused the Israelites to ask the question, “What is it?”

The answer to this question has been a mystery for over four-and-a-half thousand years.

Some have claimed that manna was secreted by insects. Others have relegated the manna account to a purely mythological category. Still others say that manna was purely miraculous, and it is not a physical substance that can be investigated.

Manna is a mystery no longer. Using the data set provided by the biblical text, Dr. Gerald Aardsma is the first person to ever answer the anci ... 

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