Bartender's Handshake

by Esteban De Luna and Felicity Gibbs

Esteban De Luna and Felicity Gibbs present Bartender's Handshake! Have you ever stayed after hours at a bar, chatting with your favorite bartenders and having drinks created especially for you? In this podcast we take a month focusing on a spirit or classic cocktail, do blind taste testing making sure to represent all price points, and invite some of our favoirte people in to try our drinks and enjoy some good chats. Week 1  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • Tequila Month: Week 4

    Tequila Month: Week 4

    To close out tequila month we welcome the ledgend that is Kingston Chan. A man of many jobs and talents. Skilled bartender and creator/operated of the bi-weekly tiki takeover pop up in Los Angeles which focuses on creating agave based tequia drinks. We talk about everything, from Labron James to the fourth of July. Please enjoy some fun chats, some insightful talks, and lots of tequila!

  • Tequila Month: Week 3

    Tequila Month: Week 3

    Knowing we have a very speacial guest to present to we work on creating some fun cocktails. The usual nonsense and maybe a highball...who can say!?!

  • Tequila Month: Week 2

    Tequila Month: Week 2

    Well this taste test comes with a side of crazy. We hit the ground running in a silly fashion. Do you say horse or horsy'? Does your life come with a side of whimsy? Guess which one of us prefers joy! Anyway, we taste test 4 blanco tequilas (supposed to be 5, but some coloring issues x'ed one out). Hope you enjoy this journy into crazy town and yet again, the blind test results in shock and awe!

  • Tequila Month: Week 1

    Tequila Month: Week 1

    After a brief hiatus we are back in the swing of drinking. We discuss what we were up to while we were out. We discuss the world reopening. We drink margaritas as we dip our toes into the world of this agave beauty. Enjoy as we explore blanco tequilas.

  • Season 4

  • Shochu Month: Week 4

    Shochu Month: Week 4

    This week we welcome our very special guest Paul Nakayama, the co founder of Nankai Group and crowd favorite Nankai Shochu. We drink a varity of cocktails, play with everything from a kimchi reduction to wasabi salt to a play on a mai tai. Tackling topics from the founding of kogi to some of the real life issues today. Hope you all enjoy learning more about this amazing spirit and it's history. We go a little more nerdy than usual and we go a bit longer. We loved having Paul on and we were honored to share recipes, ideas, and histories with him for a couple of hours!