Episode 22: Why text should be in your communication preferences for your members.

Published: Aug 24 2020

Most of us could text in our sleep (and sometimes do), so- when it comes to communication preferences for your Credit Union’s members- offering and promoting the text option should be a no-brainer. Brittany Farb Gruber- Head of Marketing at Eltropy joins CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert to discuss this uber-relevant topic on this week’s episode of Banking On Experience.

What’s covered?

  • What we’ve seen in the world of text for CUs since people have started working from home, why Brittany believes the pandemic has propelled us in a direction we were already headed, and how being “kings and queens of multi-tasking” plays into the equation.

  • Why text? Specific, solid reasons why Brittany thinks text is key in CUs.

  • What Credit Unions can do to make it easier- specifically for older audiences- to use text as a primary communication method. (Big emphasis on safety & security here.)

  • How Brittany sees younger audiences (herself included) using text in these business relationships, and why it’s not just “nice” but essential to attract these younger members.

  • Some of the major challenges Credit Unions face re texting, as well as our expert’s advice on how to address them.

  • Creative ideas and Personal Experiences (from both Brittany and James) around making the text option more than just convenient and fun. As Brittany says, “It’s such a small investment toward life-long memberships.”

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