Azure Redteam

The Azure Security Podcast by Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos

Episode notes

In this episode Michael, Sarah, Gladys and Mark talk with guests Craig Nelson and Leron Gray. about Redteam security on Microsoft Azure. If you're new to red teams, blue teams and purple teams and want to learn more about how we test Azure for security issues, then this is the episode for you!

We also discuss Azure Security news for the following services: Azure Bicep, Storage accounts, API Management, Azure Firewall and Azure Sentinel.

Gladys also discusses machine learning and Azure Synapse, Mark mentions his concerns about human-operated ransom-ware and Michael explains why he prefers TypeScript to JavaScript and we add a new phrase to your lexicon: Homomorphic Encryption. You're welcome!

Finally, there's a new exam in beta, SC-900 "Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals."