S01 E76 - The Middle Ages with Ian Mortimer

Aspects of History by Oliver Webb-Carter
My guest this week is the bestselling author of the Medieval period Ian Mortimer. We get to grips with the issues of the era, including when it starts and ends; the introduction of time; slavery, serfdom and inequality; the Black Death; the Middle Ages on film, Edward III and Richard III, and plenty more.Ian is a fascinating historian who  ...  See more
Feb 25 2023

I'm going to get medieval on your ass is now in the Oxford English Dictionary.
Who'd have thought it?
But it's come to stand for backwardness and for brutality.
When I was writing about Elizabethan England a number of years, 15 years ago,
I discovered that really nobody had done as much for torture as the Elizabethans.
In England, traditionally, we do not torture people for political purposes,
but the Elizabethans looked past that and, of course, introduced torture.
So what Marcellus Wallace should really have said is,
I'm going to get Elizabethan on your ass, but doesn't have the same ring, does it?
Hello and welcome to the Aspects of History podcast.
My name is Oliver Webcarter and I'm the editor and your host.
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It's gr

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