Armchair HistoryExplicit

by Zealand Shannon

Bite-sized pieces of history to give you a better understanding of various historical events, done by someone who loves to share history's most interesting stories.

Podcast episodes

  • The People Who Stopped Rome

    The People Who Stopped Rome

    The Picts have fascinated me for a long time. This was a tough story to piece together, given the limited information that is available, most of which is arguing with another source offering information, but there is enough to paint a picture. The special nature of this group of people allowed them to stifle the greatest empire the world had ever seen. This is their story. Source Material: Foster, Sally, Picts, Gaels and Scots: Early Historic Scotland (Birlinn Ltd, 2014) Grigg, Julianna, The Picts Re-imagined (Arc Humanities Press, 2018) McHardy, Stuart, A New History of the Picts (Luath Press Ltd, 2011) Noble, G., Gondek, M., Campbell, E., & Cook, M, ‘Between prehistory and history: The archaeological detection of social change among the Picts.’, Antiquity, 87(338), (2013) pp. 1136-1150.

  • This is Sparta

    This is Sparta

    What type of place produces the type of person who can stand and die at Thermopylae? This place, described in this episode.