Staging Resilience: Theatre as Resistance Under Occupation

Annotations by Nico Andreas Heller

Episode notes

Nico Andreas Heller in Conversation with Iman Aoun.

In a region where narratives often clash, Iman Aoun's artistic voice resonates as a beacon of creative resilience. The award-winning Palestinian actress, director, and co-founder of Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah since 1991, Iman has harnessed the techniques of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed. Her pioneering work sheds light on the suffering and plight of Palestinians under occupation and in exile through critically acclaimed projects such as The Gaza Monologues, the One Billion Rising Palestine campaign, and her current production, Oranges and Stones.

Iman joins us from Portugal to discuss her artistic journey, Oranges and Stones, and the role her art plays in ... 

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