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S01 E01 - The Pilot - Anime's Bizarre Adventures

Anime 1-A by Fueled By Weird | Geek Network
On the debut episode of Anime 1-A, Chris sits down with guest professors Jesse Alvarado of Geek Network and Nathan Cortez, resident fitness expert!Jesse's lesson plan covers the anime, Hunter x Hunter! You can find it on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll! For more info, check out the link:Nathan's lesson plan covered Jojo's Bizarre Adventure  ...  See more
Apr 03 2023

Hey everybody, it's Chris Daly here and we are here with my co-host, Jesse and Nathan
and this is going to be a new show called Anime 1A.
Now the purpose of this show is I'm pretty new to anime.
I've only gotten anime the last couple of years and the couple of shows I've watched
I really, really like, but I'm not really sure what shows to go for next.
So each episode we're going to talk with some friends about picking out an anime that they're
really into and they're going to try to sell me on adding it to my watch list.
And like I mentioned, I'm here with Jesse and Nathan.
You guys want to say hi?
What's up everybody?
Jesse here, looking forward to talking some anime today.
And hey there, I'm Nathan.
Thanks for having us here and yeah, looking forward to talking with some friends about

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