S02 E06 - How Can Your Company Best Build a Regenerative Supply Chain with Ruth Andrade

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LUSH Cosmetics are pioneers at integrating regeneration into supply chains, partnering 13 years ago with communities and organisations around the world that were applying a more holistic approach to agriculture. Ruth shares key learnings and insights that businesses should consider when building a regenerative supply chain.

Oct 06 2022

Hello, everyone. Just to say that I head up the environmental team, which is the stability team, and I work quite closely with the buying team that does a lot of the work in the supply chain with regenerative agriculture. And I've been quite involved in the beginning of the work, but I'm not necessarily the person that is always delivering the work. Simon, who's here, is one of the key people that helps to also measure the impact that we're having. So yeah, I think I wanted to start by saying that many, many years ago already, I think it was around 2009, 2010, we started to look at the potential of our supply chain to really do some good work when it comes to the environment.

And we started playing with the concept of... We started with permaculture. So how can you apply a holistic design

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