S02 E05 - Regenerative Agriculture in the Context of Nature Restoration with Ben Goldsmith

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Nature restoration plays a critical role in mitigating climate change. However, it is not rising up the political and business agenda as quickly as decarbonisation. Ben’s keynote talk underscores the importance and potential that nature restoration can have when addressed in parallel with decarbonisation.

Oct 05 2022

Thank you so much. Well, I got huge imposter syndrome. Thank you Saif for... I think my main qualification for being here is that I was the first investor in Altruistiq, and I think Ian over there might have been the second. I guess the other qualification is that I'm a lifelong nature lover. I grew up with an obsession for wildlife. Building a pond in the back garden at my mother's house in Richmond was the height of excitement, weeks of planning and fantasy about what this thing would be, and it's actually very sandy in Richmond, so the water drained away, it didn't work very well. But these kinds of things, putting up bird boxes and looking for birds nests. My happiest, most positive experiences from my childhood were all in nature. And I think that's probably true of all of us. I t

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