S02 E03 - The Business of Nature Restoration

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In our conversation with Ben Goldsmith, a long-time and passionate environmental campaigner and green investor, and Ben Hart, a carbon reduction and natural capital specialist, we will address the business imperative of restoring global biodiversity, uncover the commercial opportunities and highlight the key levers to navigating nature re  ...  See more
Aug 01 2022

Saif Hameed:
This Is Altruistic where we speak with pioneers in the race to zero and unpack the lessons from their experience for you, our community of impact professionals. I'm your host Saif Hameed and in this episode we're going to talk about the ecological and commercial case for putting nature restoration at the forefront of the climate agenda. The recent IPCC working group report highlighted the importance of tackling the climate and ecological emergencies together. When we talk about the climate crisis we so often talk about the challenges we face reversing biodiversity loss, perhaps more so than the opportunities it presents. In our conversation with Ben Goldsmith, a long time environmental campaigner and green investor and Ben Hart a passionate carbon reduction and natural capital

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