S01 E03 - Shaping the share economy with Nigel Phan, CEO of Whirli

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Ever considered where all the world’s toys end up? Brace yourself for the ugly truth... currently, one in four toys are unloved within one week of purchase, destined to become clutter and then landfill.So who is reshaping this market? Enter Nigel Phan, CEO and founder of Whirli, a toy sharing platform that has caught the attention of pare  ...  See more
Mar 07 2022

Saif Hameed:
This is Altruistiq, where we speak with pioneers in the race to zero and unpack the lessons from their experience for you, our community of impact professionals. I'm your host, Saif Hameed, and in this episode, we're going to talk about sharing economy. You may already be familiar with this space, already be an early adopter, or be entirely new to the territory. We're going to unpack the challenges, identify the opportunities, and determine the potential for sustainable consumerism in our conversation with Nigel Phan. Nigel is the founder of Whirli, a toy sharing platform that is at the forefront of this technology-enabled disruption. Nigel, thank you so much for joining us.
Nigel Phan:
Thank you for having me.
Saif Hameed:
When we first met and first discussed Whirli, I think

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