S01 E02 - Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets with Brennan Spellacy, CEO of Patch

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Navigating the voluntary carbon market is no mean feat. Who better to guide us through than a true pioneer within the carbon offset space.Enter, Brennan Spellacy, Co- Founder and CEO of Patch.We bring you this podcast to cut through the noise and shed some light on voluntary carbon markets, exploring its scaleable potential to reconcile h  ...  See more
Feb 18 2022

Saif Hameed:
This is Altruistiq, where we speak with pioneers in the race to zero and unpack the lessons from their experiences for you, our community of impact professionals. I'm your host Saif Hameed, and in this episode we're going to talk about scaling up voluntary carbon markets. You may have followed the recent trends here, or you may be new to the topic. We're going to debunk the myths, cut through the hype, and understand the trends in our conversation with Brennan Spellacy. Brennan is co-founder and CEO of Patch.
Saif Hameed:
Offsetting is a hot and also, at times, controversial topic, so really excited to shed some light on some of the trickier issues in this space. Brennan, really great to have you, super excited. Have seen Patch in action now, and again, really impressed. I'd l

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