S01 E01 - Disrupting the Packaging Market with Safia Qureshi, CEO of CLUBZERØ

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Can we break our addiction to single use packaging? As public pressure grows, the race to eliminate waste is on. So who is driving this sustainable transition?Enter, Safia Qureshi, CEO and Founder of CLUBZERØ. CLUBZERØ's packaging solution has carved out a new landscape for retailers to overcome current sustainability shortfalls and proac  ...  See more
Feb 04 2022

Saif Hameed:
This is Altruistiq, where we speak with pioneers in the Race To Zero, and unpack the lessons from their experiences for you, our community of impact professionals. I'm your host, Saif Hameed. And in this episode, we're going to talk about circular packaging. You may already be familiar with the increasing global push for circularity, or you may still be finding your way.

Saif Hameed:
We're going to dive deep into the substrate, no pun intended, and come to terms with what this means for brand owners and packagers around the world in our conversation with Safia Qureshi. Safia is founder and CEO of CLUBZERO. Safia, thank you so much for joining us.

Safia Qureshi:
You are very welcome, couldn't say no to this, seeing as we know each other from past lives. So, this is a great ex

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