S01 E159 - S01-EP159, Real alien reports, featuring our most demented interpretations in no uncertain terms.

True Stories, sometimes foul, crude and disgusting, of alien anal probes. AlienAnalProbe.com™ by StockPhotosWorldwide.com

We explore as many extraterrestrial humanoid interaction reports as we can fit into roughly an hour, which purport to claim interactions with aliens from......somewhere. Maybe Mississippi. Or Oregon. Or Venus. Yeah, like that. Sort of. Or Outer Space! You never know.

Mar 23 2023

Good evening from Southeast Asia. This will be episode number, oh man, again, 159.
Yeah, not like I forgot. Of the alienanalprobe.com podcasts. We used to call them
fireside, we used to call them alien fireside chats or something like that.
And then everybody else started calling theirs fireside chats and it sort of ticked us off.
We tried a bunch of other names, started a number of other names, brand new, and within six months
everybody else was calling theirs that also. And we finally got really ticked off and we had this
old domain that we hadn't ever used, didn't know what we were ever going to do with it.
It was called alienanalprobe.com. And so we trademarked the damn thing and now we use that.
And now we're looking for infringers. And when we find them, we sue them because we're sic

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