S01 E158 - S01-EP158, Alien Chronicles Fireside Chats Podcast Discussions Thingies (CLEAN LANGUAGE)

True Stories, sometimes foul, crude and disgusting, of alien anal probes. AlienAnalProbe.com™ by StockPhotosWorldwide.com
We explore as many extraterrestrial humanoid interaction reports as we can fit into roughly an hour, which purport to claim interactions with aliens from......somewhere. Maybe Mississippi. Or Oregon. Or Venus. Yeah, like that. Sort of. Or Outer Space! You never know.
Mar 21 2023

Good afternoon from Southeast Asia. This will be episode number 158. I knew that. No, I didn't.
I had to go look. All tapes are copyright 2023 by stockphotosworldwide.com. You can go there
and look for some alien stuff and then you'll be taken to the page that hosts all of these.
Or you can go straight to alienanalprobe.com and that'll take you exactly to this page. Or
if you're, I don't know, for some reason you're embarrassed to type in alienanalprobe.com. Well,
you still have to type it in. You can go to any of about a thousand RSS feeders.
And these are, you know, I mean, just type in alienanalprobepodcast and believe me, you'll find
them. Okay. What else am I supposed to say here? I don't know. I forget. I should have a little
script, but I don't because I are not professional. These

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