S01 E151 - S01-EP151, Alien Chronicles Fireside Chats Podcast Discussions Thingies (clean)

Foul, crude. disgusting True Stories of alien abductions and probing. AlienAnalProbe.com™ by StockPhotosWorldwide.com

We explore as many extraterrestrial humanoid interaction reports as we can fit into roughly an hour, which purport to claim interactions with aliens from......somewhere. Maybe Mississippi. Or Oregon. Or Venus. Yeah, like that. Sort of. Or Outer Space! You never know.

Mar 13 2023

Good evening from Southeast Asia. This will be episode or volume number 151 of the new
versions of the alienanalprobe.com podcast, Things. And that's the best name we ever came
up with. Sorry, we don't care. If you're wondering what happened to episode 150, well, we don't
know. We did a whole podcast, episode 150, and something happened to it. In the background,
the little studio thing here was silent. There was no machinery running. There was nothing running.
But in the background, there was a boom, boom, boom, boom. And we have not yet been able to
get that turkey out. So for the time being, 150 is on the shelf and we don't know if it will ever
be resurrected. Okay, so all content is copyright 2023 by www.stockphotosworldwide.com. That's the
copyright holder for this year. And if you don

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