Episode 25 with Hannah Williams, Founder of Ovrture Consulting and expert Gen-Z'er

Published: Jul 20 2021

Hannah Williams (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-williams-experience-consultant/) opens our eyes to the youngest generation entering the workforce, Gen-Z, as a Gen-Zer herself who closed her first sales deal at the age of 12.

The resulting theme: Gen-Z's have always lived in a world with the internet. They didn't all get natural crazy computer skills, though. Instead, they innately picked up the ability and motivation to build their own personal brand identity. Companies have to take this personal brand into account when recruiting members of Gen-Z.

Also, take Hannah's free "Pulse Check" to see where you stand as a leader and an organization in regards to your understanding of Gen Z: https://www.hannahgwilliams.com/hirefuture. You can also preorder her book!