Alka Srivastava | On Guru, Knowledge, Meditation & Pure Space

A Curious Yogi with Bobbi Paidel by Bobbi Paidel

Episode notes

“Meditation is not for being relaxed or gaining some expertise. It’s for recognizing that space as yourself - then you are not fearful of the beginning or end because you recognize yourself as Pure Free and Forever.”

In this episode, I’m talking to Alka Srivastava, an extraordinarily advanced meditator and total master who has devoted her life to unfolding Self-awareness. Alka is the youngest daughter of Swami Shyam, founder of the International Meditation Institute in the Himalayas of India.

She has been meditating and singing since age three and has spent her life studying the ancient scriptures as illuminated by Swamiji. In this special episode Alka shares her knowledge and wisdom in a way that applies to all who wish to find that inner sense of peace and knowing who they truly are.

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