Work can be very stressful because we approach it as a Godless endeavour. Yet God didn't just create work He is a worker. Work is not cursed it's a blessing and it was given to us as a platform for expressing our God given gifts and talents and the fulfilment of His creation mandate. To contrast ordinary work as secular or temporal and evangelistic work as sacred or eternal is an unbiblical dualism that runs against both the c... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E26 - How do you see your glass?

    S02 E26 - How do you see your glass?

    Times are tough and that’s a fact, but just because you can find lots of reasons for feeling down and becoming a bona fide pessimist doesn’t mean that you should. The fact is, optimism creates opportunity and pessimism kills it.Ho...

  • S02 E25 - Meaning in work

    S02 E25 - Meaning in work

    As Christians, we don’t always approach our work in a very integrated way and to my mind; I think it’s because we do not have the know-how. Our discipleship system does not offer much practical help.Some people will tell you that ...

  • S02 E24 - The purpose of business

    S02 E24 - The purpose of business

    What does a business owe to its community, its country, and the world at large? What does it mean for a business to not just do good but be good? What would such aspiration require? Millennials and Generation Z employees see thems...

  • S02 E23 - Focus

    S02 E23 - Focus

    Our capacity for success lies not so much with our intelligence but with our focus. When we mobilize our power of thought toward a single issue for a prolonged time, we can achieve spectacular results. Casual consideration won’t s...

  • S02 E22 - A better way to compete

    S02 E22 - A better way to compete

    Workplace competition is a common thing. Man is a competitive being, often desiring to outdo one's self and others. We all know how hard it is to succeed in a competitive market, and how we’re constantly tempted to seek our own ad...