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Covering sports stories from the Olympics, EPL, collegiate hockey... and everything in between. All with your lovely host, Emma. 

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  • STS #7 - The City of Champions

    STS #7 - The City of Champions

    There's no doubt about it, Boston is the City of Champions. Listen to me break down the Pats, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics, and their history as well as where we are currently.

  • STS #6 - 2020 Sports Calendar

    STS #6 - 2020 Sports Calendar

    The beginning of the year means that there are tons of sporting events taking place in weeks to come. This episode I go through each month and what I'm excited for so mark your calendars, there are some good ones!

  • STS #5 - Best Sports Moments of 2019

    STS #5 - Best Sports Moments of 2019

    With 2019 coming to a close, I thought it would be a great way to finish out the year by going through my favorite moments from sports this year. From first time winners to the continued dominance of the best teams in the world, t...

  • STS #4 - 2019 Controversies and A Life Update!

    STS #4 - 2019 Controversies and A Life Update!

    There was definitely no shortage of drama in 2019 from Robert Kraft and some shady stuff down in Florida to a summer filled with Antonio Brown's name all over the news. Listen to me go through some of the biggest tea of the year, ...

  • STS #3 - The Best Sports Rivalries

    STS #3 - The Best Sports RivalriesEsplicito

    In this week's episode, I go through my favorite sports rivalries including the Tyne-Wear Derby, the Iron Bowl, and of course, the Sox and Yankees.