Pawsitive Charleston

di Gina King

I share my knowledge, experience and some stories about animal's well being. Emphasizing on cats and dogs while relating it to the two legged animal. There is a parallel between us showing we are very much alike. Listen and learn how we all benefit from one another.  

Episodi del podcast

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  • S01 E24 - Mental Health

    S01 E24 - Mental Health

    Speaking from my heart about what we all feel and endure, including animals...

  • S01 E23 - Obesity

    S01 E23 - Obesity

    The weight of the truth in carrying extra pounds is dangerous for our pets and us. Listen and learn as I briefly discuss the cons of this hefty debate.

  • S01 E22 - Herbs Part 3

    S01 E22 - Herbs Part 3

    Today we talk about Echinacea, Fennel and Licorice for our pups and their benefits.

  • S01 E21 - Boundaries

    S01 E21 - Boundaries

    Monday Manners is all about establishing the importance of boundaries for your pup.

  • S01 E20 - Birds

    S01 E20 - Birds

    Fun Fact Friday is filled with some random information about our soaring songstresses.