#UNTHNKBL - For Transformation Leaders

di Mr Michael Bayler

#UNTHNKBL fronts up to the biggest strategic challenges facing business today. Its single-minded purpose is the enablement of the best possible leadership thinking. 

Episodi del podcast

  • #UNTHNKBL #2 - The Certainty Trap

    #UNTHNKBL #2 - The Certainty Trap

    The addiction to certainty is the hidden leadership trap that underpins the failure of so many costly, critical transformation projects to deliver on their promise. Here we explore the need to embrace the uncertainty that our busi...

  • Introducing #UNTHNKBL

    Introducing #UNTHNKBL

    There's an elephant in the boardroom. I call it chronic uncertainty. It's entirely understandable, as I'll show you. But unless we confront it head on, with - we could say - an entirely new head on, the leaders of the most signifi...