Libations for EveryoneEsplicito

di Charles Awad & Ben Quam

Sipping shots and sharing thoughts is the name of the game. Hosts Ben Quam and Charles Awad serve their guests one shot of booze for each of six topics of conversation, totaling six roundtable topics and six shots of liquor. Libations for Everyone! 

Episodi del podcast

  • Talk of the Town with Nick Kosevich & Tommy Begnaud

    Talk of the Town with Nick Kosevich & Tommy BegnaudEsplicito

    It is once again the time of year for you to ignore your family, and GATHER (cue genie sprinkles) with LFE instead. Quam & Charles are joined by the always delightful Nick Kosevich & Tommy Begnaud of the magical Mr. Paul's Supper ...

  • Middlemalist with Nicole Crowder

    Middlemalist with Nicole CrowderEsplicito

    Are you a minimalist, a maximalist, or a... ummm middlemalist? Brilliantly talented furniture designer (with pieces available across the US at World Market, for starters), upholsterer, and editor-at-large for MSP Home & Design, Ni...

  • Grandpa Bread with Dashfire's Jeff Rogers

    Grandpa Bread with Dashfire's Jeff RogersEsplicito

    Some big news emerged this week about Dashfire's new cocktail room in the Thorpe Building in Northeast Minneapolis, and Jeff Rogers was fleet of foot in joining LFE to discuss the deets, and share an assortment of spirits the all-...

  • The Cucumber Kid with Gustavo Romero

    The Cucumber Kid with Gustavo RomeroEsplicito

    Ben and Charles welcome the Maestro of Masa, Mr. Gustavo Romero of Nixta, to this week's edition of Libations for Everyone. You're seen the Corn Kid (Gustavo hadn't, actually!), so the guys discussed which "kid" they would have be...

  • Thunder Bay Chili Wrestling with Paul Hennessy

    Thunder Bay Chili Wrestling with Paul HennessyEsplicito

    Sometimes things get weird on LFE, and sometimes they get REAL WEIRD. That's the scale Ben and Charles typically operate on, and two time guest, sommelier, and assistant bar manager at Mara at the Four Seasons, Paul Hennessy, is t...