Episodi del podcast

  • E09 - Ep.9: Owl Pellet Divination (ft. Keaton)

    E09 - Ep.9: Owl Pellet Divination (ft. Keaton)Esplicito

    Better late then never! In this episode coming out nine months after it's initial recording, Ben, Carter, and special guest Keaton talk about moving, nature's Gushers, and the first Fortnite players.

  • E08 - Ep.8: Pineapples and Politics

    E08 - Ep.8: Pineapples and PoliticsEsplicito

    After months of hiatus the podcast returns! Ben & Carter discuss the loss of Brad, how pineapples ruin meat, and really struggle when it comes to talking about the politics of the time.

  • E07 - Ep.7: Ben's Lightning McQueen Bon-anza

    E07 - Ep.7: Ben's Lightning McQueen Bon-anzaEsplicito

    A podcast recorded a month prior to release; Ben and Brad discuss the trials and troubles of getting a Lightning McQueen toy, advancements in VR technology, and the results of the 2020 Oscars.

  • E06 - Ep.6: Miranda's Question

    E06 - Ep.6: Miranda's QuestionEsplicito

    On this episode, Ben and Brad answer the many questions received through our podcast's email! Coincidentally they were all asked by the same person. Want your questions to be answered and topics to be talked about? Email the podca...

  • E05 - Ep.5: Soy Sauce Suicide

    E05 - Ep.5: Soy Sauce SuicideEsplicito

    Ben and Carter go Brad-less as they discuss new foods they've tried, the dangers of salt, and Disneyland ticket prices.A Less Than Perfect Podcast does not own the rights to Quincy Jones' Soul Bossa Nova, but still uses it for com...