S02 E16 - Stranger Real Estate Things....

Happy Hour with the Home Collective di Bill Ball, Dina Cirignano & Kristin McFeely
The hit show Stranger Things got us thinking about comparing the 80's real estate numbers to todays. How do today's real estate prices, mortgage rates, and gas prices compare to the 1980's? The gang also gives a quick real estate update on what we are seeing 'on the streets' in segment 1, and the show wraps up with Dina's downloads.Featur  ...  Carica altri dati
Giu 22 2022
Capitoli dell'episodio
  • 00:20:30 - 00:40:44
    00:20:30 - 00:40:4480's flashback
  • 00:40:45 - 00:50:08
    00:40:45 - 00:50:08Dina's Downloads
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