Note sull'episodio

Carnatic Conservatory of Paris conceptualised and present doodle videos on Bhagavadgita verses, starting from Dhyana Shloka, and covering one chapter after another. The Doodle Videos are available on the YouTube channel- Carnatic conservatory of Paris. The video series has received High patronage from Embassy of India in France. These videos are released every Monday on the official twitter handle of Embassy of India in France. It is re-shared by embassies across the world, including in Congo, Reunion Islands, Mali, Mauritius. Embassy of India in Finland and Estonia are releasing the videos every Friday.

The audio is now brought to you as Podcasts.

Curated by Bhavana Pradyumna

Creative minds: Bhavana Pradyumna and Pradyumna Kandadai

Illustrations: Eshani Lasya

Audio Mastered by Prasanna Keshava, NamVara Studios

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